Recently I posted a piece on acknowledging ways in which many of the women involved in MomsHooPray have Tested Positive In a Pandemic. As life continued to be “challenging,” and parents and students struggled, I encouraged these moms to shore up their own faith by turning to God’s word—in order to pivot. Pivot from […]

It’s September. Time to learn and explore something that will improve our lives! So this is my shameless plug for reading and studying the gospel of John for the first time—or the fiftieth time—because it’s that good. The gospel of John is where Jesus makes 7 compelling claims about who he is. And those claims […]

Sometimes it seems like there are two different gods – a God of judgment in the Old Testament, and a God of mercy in the New. Is that the case? Michael Ramsden addresses that question and shows us the consistency of God. You’ll enjoy his humor, identify with his examples and be encouraged by his […]