I have barely slept these past 6 nights; I gave up my OTC sleep aids last week after hearing from my Physicians Assistant that the active ingredient, the same as what’s in a common allergy pill, may be linked with dementia. I’m not usually over-reactive to such news, after all, those studies are often unreliable. Then I had a very senior moment and my decision was made.

Several things occurred to me during the many many hours of sleeplessness:

  • I remembered this website.

I’ve kept spiritually rooted and growing the past 6 months, but physically grappling with the practical aspects of being uprooted from our domicile of the past 20 years. Renovating, staging, selling, closing, buying, choosing, planning, sorting, pitching, packing, apartment hunting, interim moving, and storing all our worldly possessions for almost 8 months. Then doing it all in reverse in mid-January as my better half and I transplanted ourselves into what I have referred to as “our final resting place”  —  a wonderfully designed home where we hope to live until we die and go be with Jesus — in C’Ville. Texting a friend that I have been “sleepless in C’Ville,” she asked, “What’s that?” That is Charlottesville, Virginia, area code 22911. (Hoping the zip code is not indicative of our future here.) I will try to do better in the next 6 months by posting more often.

  • I didn’t value the contents of all those boxes in storage. Until I had them back.

After 8 months they truly were outta sight, outta mind. Then one day I unpacked yet another unmarked boring box.  Please, not more books…then my heart leaped for joy; teapots — my favorite teapots, shaped like a camera, an artist easel, a cowboy hat and saddle, a writer’s desk! Reflecting on this surprise, I realized how much I had loved many things in NOVA but had not really been missing them until I finally had them back, here in C’Ville. With every move, from Boston to NoVA to London, back to NoVA and now to C’Ville, Community Bible Study has been that one consistent thing that delights me and establishes me again in every new place. Kind of like Panera’s, no matter where you go, you know it’s gonna be good. CBS has always had a great Bible Study suitable for people in all denominations, from seekers to Bible Scholars. The stimulation and sheer fun in my new small group as we discuss and share what we each learned (or had questions about) from our weekly lesson, the level of love and care by my new leader and the quality of the lectures reminds me of what I had been missing! Continue reading

Last month, I almost crashed my car trying to take a picture of a rainbow.*  Rainbows are just so startlingly beautiful it’s hard to look away. Even while driving. Continue reading

My husband appropriately calls himself “The Spotter.” Wherever we travel, he looks around, helpfully pointing out the *unusual, whimsical, interesting or sweet — then I point my camera and record it. He endures vacations and local outings which often consist of hours of wandering on foot, my camera at the ready.  I shuffle a few steps forward, then come to a sudden halt. I point, shoot and start up again; by his count, the most consecutive steps I take — before I inevitably stop again — is five.

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I was awakened very early one spring morning by what sounded like uproarious sustained laughter. First I thought my husband must have read a hilarious text or email. But so early? I was slightly annoyed at the loud disturbance. This was my day to sleep in.

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It’s true, the “look of love is in your eyes.”  From the lingering gooey gaze signaling the smitten, to the affectionate study of their “person” by a much-loved canine, eye contact conveys, “you are noticed, you are special, you are loved.” But when there is very little eye contact from other human beings, we feel ignored, unimportant, unworthy. Continue reading

Back in high school, I saw the blockbuster summer thriller, Jaws.  I have never been the same. Summer camp on Lake Saranac revealed my irking irrational fear that some crazed person had caught and released a shark into the lake to wreak havoc on us unsuspecting campers.

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“I like to have fun and a lot of Christians seem like duds.”

I could have written that quote.  As a high school freshman, I wanted nothing more than to have fun.  45 years ago, when I boarded the bus headed to Young Life‘s Saranac Village, I was hung over from the night before.  And like the headline, I loved beer!  But I most certainly did not love Jesus.   Continue reading

Sometimes it’s really easy to focus on the negative.  To project fear into the future.  To imagine the worst possible outcome in any messy, confusing, unresolved, disappointing or difficult situation. This is my natural tendency.  So much so that I have lovingly nicknamed myself Worst Case Kathy.   Continue reading

For all you Nat’s fans out there, today is the season opener!  I know you’re excited. Very excited. Good for you!

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