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Green Chile Quiche submitted by Kathy Burleson (original recipe from Mary Katherine Rutherford)
Makes 1 quiche (I double all ingredients to make 2 quiches and freeze the second quiche)

Preheat oven to 375
1 – Pillsbury pie crust  (let it sit out for 15 minutes before you roll it out into your pie plate)
1/2 lb – of HOT pork sausage (Cook up the whole 1lb and split between 2 quiches — or freeze the leftover sausage for use later.)
1 – 4.5 oz can of chopped green chilies (my friend says well drained but I am lazy, like the chilies a lot so I don’t even drain mine)
4 oz. grated Monterey jack cheese
3 eggs
3/4 cup milk or half and half  or cream (I used half and half–fat free)
1/4 tsp. salt (I leave this out – sausage has plenty o’ flavor)
1/4 tsp pepper (I love pepper so I leave this in)
1 TBS finely sliced green onion (one bunch of green onions will do 2 quiches so don’t over buy)

Place pie crust in ungreased pie plate (fold under the edges and make it look pretty :)
Spread cooked sausage over pie crust. Spread chilies over sausage. Spread grated cheese over that. Spread sliced green onions on top.
Beat up the eggs and half and half, stir in S & P and pour over all the good stuff already in the pie plate.
Bake at 375 for 30-40 minutes or until knife inserted in center comes out clean
Let stand 10 minutes before cutting.
warm leftover or the cooked frozen quiche (after thawing) in 300 oven, uncovered, 15-20 minutes

Oriental Salad 

• 1 pkg broccoli coleslaw mix

•  ½ cup craisins 

•  ½ cup sunflower seeds

•  2 pkgs Ramen noodles broken into very small pieces  (put in a ziploc and smash them) (save the season packets for the dressing)

•  ½ cup sliced green onions 


•  ½ cup sugar

•  ½ cup oil

•  ½ cup vinegar 

season packets from noodles 

Blend and mix with salad 15 minutes before serving.

Any flavor of Ramen noodles can be used.  Add some shrimp or chicken breast sliced and you have a main dish.

Broccoli slaw can be found in any supermarket in the pre-packaged salad greens section.