Core Group and Children’s Teacher Lunch Ideas

Ladies, this is where you get to share with the rest of the leaders anything that has helped you in your core group. It is open only to leaders. Do NOT share the password with anyone outside of our leadership. You can post ideas for lunches, share recipes, tell us what ice breakers have worked well for you in years past, and what has bombed! It’s your space. Let’s use it well :)

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Here is an example of what can be posted:

April Showers

April Showers Bring May Flowers

 Children’s Teachers Lunch:

Our core group served in Children’s right after spring break, 2012.

You are welcome to use this theme in your own core lunch.

I am happy to loan out the rain boots and glass pebbles.

submitted by Kathy Burleson


 Opening Day Welcome Ideas

(you are welcome to borrow the pails, flip flop, etc… these elements can be used for your end of year lunch minus the signs…)
submitted by Kathy Burleson 

“Crossing The Jordan” Core Group Lunch

This was supposed to be “the Jordan River.”

Just as Joshua had men take stones from the river to set up a memorial to remind

future generations of God’s faithfulness by telling the story of the dry crossing,

I asked our ladies to come ready to share a time when they experienced God’s faithfulness. We had amazing sharing!

You are welcome to borrow the rocks, jars, flowers, frogs and tablecloth.

I used 2 throw away white cloths from Costco as the base and layered the gold cloth on top,

then bunched it along the edges to make the “river.”

You can order the cross stones from Oriental trading company:

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